Author: Doug Mitchel

Airbrushing 101 presents a series of start-to-finish projects, each painted
by a different artist, and each designed to illustrate a different type of
airbrushing. Author Doug Mitchel and the artists in the book introduce a
wide range of airbrushing categories, including: fire art/illustration,
T-shirts, automotive, fingernails, body and face painting, hip hop and
model painting. All the start-to-finish photo sequences are designed for
first-time airbrush users. In addition to the sequences, Airbrushing 101
illustrates the basic strokes that form the foundation for nearly all
airbrush art. Doug Mitchel uses interviews to explore the way in which each
artist learned his or her skills, what type of paint they prefer, how they
adjust their airbrush, and how to avoid the typical beginner's mistakes.
Airbrushing 101 uses over 400 color photos to document each step in the
creation of various types of airbrush art. The photos tell the story, with
informative captions and interviews, to draw out the details of each
artist's favorite tools and techniques.

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