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Wild London - The Nature Of A Capital

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Wild London - The Nature Of A Capital


Author: Iain Green

In contrast to the normal vision of London, this book showcases the astonishing, remarkable and fascinating diversity of wildlife to be found within its boundaries - from familiar species to the rare and unusual... inhabiting ancient woodlands or living on high-rise office blocks... The sumptuous photography of Wild London by internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer, Iain Green, allows the reader to explore the nature of the capital through the changing seasons. Discover the floral anarchy in Downing Street, newts at Heathrow, stag nights in south London, tranquil urban wetlands, theatreland frogs, power station peregrines, bee orchids, bluebells, black redstarts, water voles and even seals and dolphins in the Thames - just a few of the city's wild highlights. A descriptive and informative text looking at London's important habitats and species complements 175 beautiful photographs.


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