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Sun Tzu's The art of war - plus, The art of marketing

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Sun Tzu's The art of war - plus, The art of marketing


Authors: Sunzi, Jack Lawson, Sun Tze, Sun Bin, Ralph D. Sawyer, Gerald A. Michaelson, J. H. Huang, Shang Yang, Gary Gagliardi, Heian International Inc, Inc Heian International Publi

Synopsis: The book includes both the world’s best guide to strategy, The Art of War, plus a line-by-Line adaptation for Marketing Warfare. The Art of War Plus The Art of Marketing is an indispensable tool for anyone wanting to promote his or her company or product. The marketing advice clearly follows Sun Tzu's principles, with the complete text of The Art of War on the left-hand pages and its line-by-line adaptation, The Art of Marketing, on the facing right-hand pages. 192 Pages. 6" X 9". From the Publisher&colon Buying this book gives you access to the FREE Study Guide on our web site with hundreds of pages of analysis of Sun Tzu's competitive system. While testing your marketing skills, this study guide explains each stanza of The Art of Marketing and Sun Tzu's method for strategic marketing. You can also use this site to download our free art of war screen saver and motivational posters. "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title.


Good - This book has been used, but it is still in a clean condition. There should be no brown spots, but do expect slight yellowing or some writings on the pages.

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