There's no magical formula for new mums, but The Best Friends' Guide to Babies can help you cope - laugh!

When it comes to your new baby, everyone from Dr Spock to your mother-in-law has an armful of advice. But no one is delivering any tips on how you can care for yourself. Now, four-time delivery-room veteran Vicki Iovine answers your questions, calms you fears and cracks you up as only a friend can with straight advice and hilarious observations on:

- Baby euphoria: is it a mind-altering drug?

- 'Partner? What partner?': taking care of the big baby as well as the little baby

- 'I want my old body back!': what you can fix and what you can't

- The droning phenomenon: the inability to discuss anything but your baby for more than thirty seconds

- Competitive mothering: coping with know-it-alls, finger pointers and others who try to 'Out-Mum' you

Author: Vicki Iovine
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 224
Publisher: Bloomsbury UK
Publication Date: 17 Jan 2011

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