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The Business Of Share Trading - From Starting Out To Cashing In On Trading The Australian Market

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The Business Of Share Trading - From Starting Out To Cashing In On Trading The Australian Market


Author: Leon Wilson

Every new business starts with a great idea. In order to make this succeed you need to develop a plan, finance your capital investment, purchase some office equipment and understand the realities of the business in order to realize the expected earnings. It is no different when you start trading shares. After two years of writing, Leon Wilson has completed a mammoth task that spans the breadth of the share trading spectrum. In concise and clear language, The Business of Share Trading details what you need to know to take control and profit from an active sharemarket portfolio: fundamental, technical and combination analysis dealing with brokers, data suppliers, ISPs and information sources appropriate trading plans and trading structures record keeping trend trading, break-out trading and reversal trading charting and indicator analysis trade entries and exits, position sizing and stop-loss management system testing and paper trading. Importantly, all of the major trading tools and techniques are accompanied by comprehensively annotated charts, tables and diagrams.


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