Authors: Rodolphe de Koninck, Julie Drolet, Marc Girard

Since 1965, when it became a fully independent city-state, Singapore has
been an effervescent laboratory of economic, social and environmental
transformation and innovation. The government of the small island republlc,
which currently covers about 720 sq km, has thoroughly transformed and
extended the lands under its control to serve the needs and ambitions of
its citizens. The systematic overhaul of the Singaporean environment
reflects a deliberate policy of social transformation, a revolution
controlled and monitored from above. While Singapore's achievements in the
realm of economic and social development have been carefully observed,
little has been said about the close connections between these
accomplishments and territorial management. Based on an extended series of
diachronic maps, this book illustrates the nature and depth of the
territorial changes that have occurred since the early 1960s. The
commentary that accompanies the maps shows how Singapore has used this
ongoing territorial transformation to support its position in a globalized
economy, and also as a tool of social and political management.

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