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Author: James Barrington

The Cold War is over, but Russia's arsenal of nuclear weapons is still in place. And when an emissary from an international terrorist group makes a disaffected Russian minister an offer he can't refuse, the survival of the West hangs in the balance... America and Europe have been seeded with nuclear weapons?strategically located in major city centers?by a group of renegade Russians and their secretive Arab allies. Maverick trouble-shooter Paul Richter finds himself up against a mastermind determined to bomb America back into the Stone Age. Caught up in a tense battle of wits and bullets, he only realizes the full horror of what is about to be unleashed on the world as the attack on the West begins. Richter is the only man with the knowledge and ability to stop it. And time is running out.


Good - This book has been used, but it is still in a clean condition. There should be no brown spots, but do expect slight yellowing or some writings on the pages.

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