Author: Robert Shea

Synopsis: Vintage paperback From the Inside Flap&colon In thirteenth-century Japan, the Red Banner of the ruling Takashi dynasty was stained with the blood of the people. The eternal love of the warrior monk Jebu and the lovely Taniko had been thwarted by the will of the gods and winds of battle. Now the Zinja monk and his brilliant commande, Yukio, rally Muratomo clan's forces, to wage again the War of the Dragons - for control of the imperial throne. But victory did not end their labors. The new Shogun was consumed by jealousy and the greed of power. Jebu's beloved, Lady Taniko, was coveted by the tyrant. And the glittering-armored warriors of Kablai Khan were poised to strike by sea, in iron waves, against the sacred islands of snow-dusted peaks and silken pavilions - against Japan! "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title.

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