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The social history of art

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The social history of art


Synopsis: It would be hard to overpraise. The result of thirty years of labour, it is a monument of research which traces the whole social history of art from Lascaux and Altamira to the Film Age. Open it anywhere-- at the Age of Englightenment in Greece, at the Age of the Migrations and the Carolingian Renaissance, at the Concept of the Baroque, at Revolution and Art, or Impressionism, wherever you like -- you are held by the weight of the argument, confident in the immense knowledge of the author. Other books have dealt with portions of this vast subject, but no single book has covered its whole range with such fullness and power |o Scotsman About the Author&colon Arnold Hauser was born in Hungary and studied literature and the history of art at the universities of Budapest, Vienna, Berlin and Paris. In 1921 he returned to Berlin to study economics and sociology under Ernst Troeltsch. From 1923 to 1938 he lived in Vienna where he began work on The Social History of Art. He lived in London from 1938 until 1977, when he returned to his native Hungary. He died in Budapest in 1978. Jonathan Harris is Senior Lecturer in Art History and Critical Theory at the University of Keele. He is the author of Federal Art and National Culture: The Politics of Identity in New Deal America (1995), co-author of Modernism in Dispute: Art Since The Forties (1993) and co-editor of Art in Modern Culture: An Anthology of Critical Texts (1992). "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title.

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