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Tweetomomics - Everything You Need To Know About Economics In 140 Characters Or Less

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Tweetomomics - Everything You Need To Know About Economics In 140 Characters Or Less


Authors: Nic Compton, Adam Fickwick, Katie Hudson

We hear a lot about economics in the news these days, but how much do we really understand? All too often experts assume their audience knows as much about the subject as they do. For instance, what is a balance of trade deficit? Why do interest rates affect the amount of cash in circulation? Who sets interest rates? What are Fordism and Keynesianism, and who do they benefit? What are ‘sticky’ prices and what makes them so darn sticky?Tweetonomics pecks a hole in the jargon and explains the most 140 important economic terms and concepts in 20 ‘tweets’ or less. The book is divided into nine chapters, covering such issues as globalisation, boom and bust, ‘Green’ economics, and the everyday working of national economies. It also gives an overview of the big economic ideas of the past 150 years and the people who shaped them. That’s 140 money-spinning terms and ideas in no more than 20 tweets, each of 140 characters or less.


Good - This book has been used, but it is still in a clean condition. There should be no brown spots, but do expect slight yellowing or some writings on the pages.

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