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What The Customer Wants You To Know - How Everybody Needs To Think Differently About Sales

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What The Customer Wants You To Know - How Everybody Needs To Think Differently About Sales


Author: Ram Charan

'AN EXCELLENT PRIMER FOR ANY BUSINESS LOOKING TO DRIVE BETTER SALES RESULTS AND PROFITABLE GROWTH' - JOHN A. LUKE, CEO, MEADWESTVACO Top business guru Ram Charan explains why the process of selling is broken - and then how it can be fixed. These days customers want more than great products at great prices: they want you to know how their business works, so that you can make it work better. It is time for companies to re-think their selling processes, and adopt a new, radical but practical approach that produces stronger customer relationships to gain long term rewards. Called Value Creation Selling, it will enable you to: Gain a deeper knowledge of your customer's business Use this knowledge to improve your customer's margins Show how your product and expertise is the winning combination Some day, every company will listen more closely to the customer. In the meantime, this book will show you how to get ahead of the competition.


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