Authors: Dr Joseph Yeo, Teh Keng Seng, Loh Cheng Yee, Ivy Chow

New Syllabus Additional Mathematics (NSAM) is an MOE-approved textbook specially designed to provide valuable learning experiences to engage the hearts and minds of students sitting for the GCE O-level examination in Additional Mathematics. Included in the textbook are Investigation, Class Discussion, Thinking Time and Alternative Assessment such as Journal Writing to support the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Every chapter begins with a chapter opener which motivates students in learning the topic. Interesting stories about mathematicians, real-life examples and applications are used to arouse students’ interest and curiosity so that they can appreciate the beauty of Mathematics in their surroundings and in the sciences. The use of ICT helps students to visualise and manipulate mathematical objects more easily, thus making the learning of Mathematics more interactive. Ready-to-use interactive ICT templates are available at The chapters in the textbook have been organised into three strands — Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry and Calculus. The colours purple, green and red at the bottom of each page indicate these.

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