Author: P. R. Sarkar
Publisher: Ananda Marga Publications, 1991
Condition: Softcover, slight foxing on cover and back, interior clean
700 hundred years ago the majestic Himalayan Mountains brought forth a great Yogi, bringing with him the knowledge necessary to build a world civilization: art, music, science, medicine, language, social norms and most important the psycho-spiritual practices of TANTRA YOGA.

SADA SHIVA perfected this mysterious and esoteric science and taught those willing to follow a path of self-discipline and welfare for all.

Today, P.R. Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurti), a leading scholar from India and himself a realized master of the process of meditation, has revitalized this ancient science.

Human Society longs for a synthesis of teachings and a guide to human conduct in order to utilize the physical and psychic potential of all.

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