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Classic Fairytales

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Classic Fairytales


Author: Belinda Gallagher

Classic Treasury Fairy Tales is a beautifully illustrated fairy tales book for kids aged 7-10 years. Packed with classic fairy tales and short stories for kids to enjoy again and again, inspiring a love of fables. # Beautiful illustrations draw in children, encouraging them to want to read the story and find out more. # With 384 pages of stories, all kids will find tales to interest them. # Ideal for shared bedtime reading with your child and independent readers to enjoy alone. Synopsis - Product details Classic Treasury Fairy Tales contains famous fairy tales by renowned storytellers such as the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, with imaginative artwork on every page. Kids will learn traditional morals by entering a timeless world of daring deeds, where gallant heroes fight evil villains and good conquers evil. Chapters and stories inside Classic Treasury Fairy Tales: # Witches and Warlocks chapter includes The Wicked Witch of the West, adapted from The Wonderful Wizard Oz by L Frank Baum # Daring Deeds chapter includes The History of Jack the Giant-Killer, from Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book # Monsters and Mischief chapter includes The Ogre of Rashomon, from Japanese Fairy Tales by Yei Theodora Ozaki # Tricks and Mishaps chapter includes The Devil and his Grandmother by the Brothers Grimm # Bad Beasties chapter includes Beauty and the Beast, from Europa's Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs An extract from The Devil and his Grandmother: But the dragon was no other than the Devil. He gave them a small whip and said, "Whip with it and crack it, and then as much gold will spring up round about as you can wish for. Then you can live like great lords, keep horses, and drive your carriages, but when the s


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