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Classroom Management : Models, Applications, and Cases

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Classroom Management : Models, Applications, and Cases


Authors: Katherine T. Bucher, Lee Manning

Written by two respected authors, this classroom management text has three parts and fifteen chapters. Unique features include the examination of traditional and contemporary models, readers being encouraged to develop or identify their own philosophical beliefs, and readers being encouraged to develop their own personalized classroom management plan that reflects their philosophical beliefs. Also unique is the book is written for both elementary and secondary school educators who are seeking management techniques in an increasingly diverse world. Differences in this second edition include: the Management Tips have been greatly expanded and provide specific information for both elementary and secondary educators, an increased amount on diversity (e.g. social class), important terms bolded in the chapters (and defined in the glossary-which is new), the Quick Reference Guide located on the front cover, updated websites, and a companion website. The book is readable, interesting, and full of practical examples that are written for both elementary and secondary educators. Plus, it has a clear organization, e.g., introduction to classroom management, traditional and contemporary models, safe schools, and developing a personalized classroom philosophy and model.


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