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Wisdom for college students facing choices—right where they live Which major should I choose? How do I manage my relationships with God, family, friends, roommates, and instructors? How should I handle my finances? How do I prepare today for tomorrow’s job market? What’s the best way to be a witness for Christ in a secular setting? The decisions college students make can determine the course of their lives. Fortunately, the Bible provides a bedrock for wise choices in friendships, finances, finding a marriage partner, career direction, and the practical, day-to-day affairs of college life. The Collegiate Devotional Bible is geared especially to the lives college students live today. Daily devotions written by Navigator ministry staff and students help readers consider what God wants them to do with their lives and grounds them solidly in the Word of God. And dozens of helps enable them to incorporate Bible study into their busy schedule. Features include: • 260 devotional articles for each weekday • 52 weekend mini Bible studies with cross-references • Inspiring and informative notes highlight archaeological facts, references, and insights on select passages of the Bible • 12 four-color tip-ins featuring Navigators discipleship and study tools: Biblical principles of decision making, how to have a devotion, meditation on Scripture, how to give a personal testimony, and much more • God's promises, Bible reading plan, book introductions, maps, and indexes The Collegiate Devotional Bible helps students who are struggling with major life decisions at a time in their lives when there is so much conflicting input from professors, friends, family, and the media. They’ll discover a dependable compass of Biblical guidance and practical wisdom to guide their lives by—one that helps them grow closer to God and build strong, healthy relationships with their friends and families. [Box] The Navigators is an international organization whose aim is to fulfill the Great Commission by multiplying laborers for Christ in every nation. The mission of the U.S. Navigators is to reach, disciple, and equip people to know Christ and to make him known through successive generations. Through the U.S. Collegiate Ministries, this vision and mission extends to the college and university students of America.

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