Authors: Larry Lovrencic, Alex Douglas, Peter Pontikis

US$2 trillion per day (yes, per day!) is traded on foreign exchange (FX) markets worldwide, making it the biggest market in the world with enormous opportunity. And despite widely held views to the contrary, FX is not the ?ild West?of the financial markets, where only the bravest traders dare to venture. The sheer size of the market and the ferocity of the competition ensure that it is highly transparent, has extremely low transaction costs and can be accessed by just about anyone prepared to learn about it. FX Trading is the place to start. There is comprehensive, valuable information for novice through to experienced traders. The authors discuss: * fundamental factors driving FX markets * successful technical analysis of FX markets * the mechanics of trading FX, such as quotations, spreads and pips * big players and how small-time speculators thrive in this environment * how to trade successfully using online brokers and websites * the nature of FX risk and how professionals deal with it.

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