clarity and power of argument, Noam Chomsky lays bare as no one else can
the realities of contemporary geopolitics. Divided into four sections,
originally published in the US only as individual short books, collectively
selling over half a million copies, How the World Works covers: WHAT UNCLE
SAM REALLY WANTS: the main goals of US foreign policy; the devastation
caused abroad; the brainwashing at home. THE PROSPEROUS FEW AND THE
RESTLESS MANY: The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many: the new global
economy; food and Third World 'economic miracles'; the roots of racism.
SECRETS, LIES AND DEMOCRACY: the US, the CIA, religious fundamentalism;
global inequality; the coming eco-catastrophe. THE COMMON GOOD: equality,
freedom, the media; the myth of Third World debt; manufacturing dissent.
This is the perfect way in to the political thought and ideas of the
world's most important and frequently-cited authority in the field.

Author: Noam Chomsky
Format: Paperback
Edition: Statement
Number of Pages: 336
Publisher: PENGUIN
Publication Date: 14 Oct 2011

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