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Huzir Sulaiman - Collected Plays, 1998-2012

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Huzir Sulaiman - Collected Plays, 1998-2012


Author: Huzir Sulaiman

This anthology consists of twelve plays by Huzir Sulaiman, Checkpoint Theatre’s Joint Artistic Director. Based in Singapore, Huzir is one of Southeast Asia’s preeminent playwrights. The twelve plays in this collection bear testimony to his gift of imagining characters and deploying language to offer unexpected insights into the personal, the social and the political. Huzir Sulaiman: Collected Plays 1998 – 2012 offers readers an opportunity to acquaint themselves with an impressive body of work that has lit up the stage over the past 14 years, and to discover for themselves the virtuosic use of language and impeccable craft which have cemented Huzir Sulaiman as one of the most important playwrights of his generation.

The collection is edited by and contains an introductory essay by Kathy Rowland, the respected theatre writer and researcher. Kathy co-founded and was managing editor of the online arts magazine,, which launched the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, Malaysia’s first Performing Arts Awards. She edited and introduced Krishen Jit: An Uncommon Position, published by the Contemporary Asian Arts Centre of Singapore.



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