Author: Jamie Oliver

The No 1 bestseller I love this book. It's the very first thing I ever wrote, and I never thought the person worst at English in my school would end up writing a book. It's largely made up of recipes scribbled on the back of order forms and beer mats, collected together in a black bin liner that my wife almost threw away twice - it's a miracle this book ever came to be! Because of this book, a lot of blokes were henpecked into doing a bit of cooking. Good job too! The salad and pasta recipes are real winners, but the one people still talk about all the time is my perfect roast chicken, with its herb butter stuffed right under the skin of the bird. I think one of the best things about the recipes in The Naked Chef is that the ingredients are totally accessible. It's the key element to my cooking: simple, quick recipes that can be made by everyone. Happy cooking. Love, Jamie O xxx 'Simply brilliant cooking, and Jamie's recipes are a joy' Nigel Slater 'When teenagers start asking for Jamie Oliver's cook books as a present, you know the tide has turned' Daily Telegraph

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