Author: Michael Teng

This book deals with a prolific corporate turnaround expert, one who literally changed the course of world history not only during his lifetime but also for more than twenty centuries since. This person is still changing the world. His teachings are as relevant and applicable today as they were more than 2,000 years ago, and will continue to enlighten people as long as there are people to be enlightened. This man is Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus is indeed the greatest turnaround expert in the history of mankind. He transformed a team of twelve disciples - fishermen, tax collector, ordinary folks with humble background into a major board of directors that rocked the whole Roman Empire then and still his teachings are still guiding the world today.The teachings of Jesus are even more important and relevant today as the global economic system is collapsing. There are many lessons of corporate turnaround and transformation that we can learn from Jesus. .

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