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Mr Midnight #11 - Don't Laugh At A Killer Clown! / My Sinister Sunglasses

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Mr Midnight #11 - Don't Laugh At A Killer Clown! / My Sinister Sunglasses


Turn off your lights, get ready for frights! When the clock strikes midnight and the moon's full and bright, it's time for dread and fear. For Mr. Midnight is here with two stories, double the danger and twice the terror! STORY #1: Somebody gives Rui Yang a mysterious clown puppet that comes to life and attacks him and his friends. Don't miss the frights in DON'T LAUGH AT A KILLER CLOWN! STORY #2: Rhu Jih finds a weird pair of sunglasses. Whenever she puts them on, she sees ghosts. MY SINISTER SUNGLASSES will have you wide-eyed with fear on every page.

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