Author: Akshita Nanda

It is 1944 in India and Nimita Khosla yearns to attend university to become an engineer, but her parents want a different life for her. As she accepts her fate and marries, religious upheaval is splitting the country and forcing her family to find a new home.In 2014, her granddaughter, molecular biologist Nimita Sachdev, escapes India to run away from the prospect of an arranged marriage. Staking out a future in Singapore, she faces rising anger against immigrants and uncertainty about her new home.Two generations apart, these two women walk divergent paths but face the same quandaries: who are we, and what is home? — Advance Praise“Nimita’s Place weaves a dual narrative about a central pair of richly-drawn protagonists with similar names but separate timelines; transitioning ambitiously between India and Singapore to express a tender interconnectedness that simultaneously reveals their differences as well as the commonality of their hopes and dreams across time and space.”—Cyril Wong, Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2017 Judge and author of Ten Things My Father Never Taught Me

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