Author: Jayasinghe G y

Organic waste generation is increasing at exponential rates around the world and unprecedented attention and cost is being paid to avoid exhaustion of natural resources, diminish environmental hazards, reduce hazard to human health, and preserve sustainable balance in the ecosystem. Anaerobic digestion is the most promising alternative to disposal of organic waste, due to its elevated energy generation. Hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis are the major four stages of anaerobic digestion process. Co-digestion is the term used to explain the combined management of several waste streams with harmonizing characteristics which enhance the anaerobic digestion process. This text book provides a broad overview of digestibility and process efficiencies of different range of organic wastes and co digestion and their present strategies and future challenges in anaerobic digestion process. Moreover, this book explains several process inhibition parameters that are taken place during the anaerobic process and urgent efficient technologies that should be implemented to enhance the biomathanation in future endeavours.

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