The American Intellectual Tradition: 1865 to the Present v.2 : A Sourcebook

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Author: David A. Hollinger

The American Intellectual Tradition has long been the only documents reader available in American Intellectual History. Organized chronologically from the 1630 Massachusetts Bay Colony to the present, and with clear introductions and headnotes, the 2-volume set makes writings of many prominent American thinkers accessible to today's college students. This fourth edition represents the most thorough revisions of the book to date. A total of twenty-one new documents are included, covering such areas as theology, cultural thought, psychology, and race-class-gender theory as these subjects appeared in the major discourses of their time. Also, many of the introductions have been substantially rewritten, while all headnotes and recommended reading lists have been completely updated. The American Intellectual Tradition is invaluable for courses in American Intellectual History, and can also be used profitably as a supplement for classes in American History, American Studies, and American Literature. In Volume II, new selections by the following authors are included: Frederick Jackson Turner, Woodrow Wilson, H.L. Mencken, Sidney Hook, David Lilienthal, Hannah Arendt, Erik H. Erikson, C. Wright Mills, W.W. Rostow, Ralph Ellison, Noam Chomsky, and Nancy Chodorow.

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