Author: Daniel J. Levitin

Even the smartest mind can't beat the organized mind . . . In the digital age we are overwhelmed by information. Unable to make sense of it all, our creativity plummets and decision-making suffers. Daniel Levitin shows us how we got here and why smart organization improves our memory, our attention span and even our imagination. You'll discover that: Your brain has a daily processing limit - why waste it on cat photos? Daydreaming is your brain at its most productive Multitasking is a bad way to do nearly everything The Organized Mindwill teach you to function better, go further and find more time to do the things you actually want to do. 'Thought- provoking and practical . . . Good advice based on sound neuroscientific principles.' Sunday Times 'Sensible, practical advice . . . a comprehensive account of the way we think about organizing everything from our possessions to our friends.' Financial Times 'Deservedly a bestseller . . . ' Independent 'Levitin is as knowledgeable a guide to neuroscience as one might hope for.' New York TimesBook Review

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