A valuable tool for anyone who wants to effectively manage and motivate twenty-something workers Many books are being published on how to manage employees of the "millennial" generation, but the solutions offered are anecdotal at best. Backed by years of serious research, Managing the Millennials provides managers of all ages with specific recommendations and tools for engaging this burgeoning demographic-some 78 million strong. Each chapter shares relevant interviews, case studies, and offers research-backed ideas and best practices to help any organization and their leaders address the challenges generational diversity presents. Answering the perplexing question of how does one lead and manage younger employees, this book Offers research-based guidance on getting the most from twenty-something employees Answers common questions and outlines practical solutions for building better relationships between the younger workers and the people who manage them Includes a Special Offer with immediate benefit to readers: access to the authors' Generational Rapport Inventory (GRI), a tool that measures a managers competencies and identifies strengths and weaknesses in dealing with Millennials. Accompanied by an associate web site,, offering a weekly blog addressing generational diversity issues in the workplace Insightful and practical, Managing the Millennials is a valuable tool for millions of managers globally whose job it is to manage and motivate their twenty-something workers.

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Tap into the potential of theMillennial Generation. With professionals enjoying longer careers than ever before, offices encompass multiple generations of employees. However, the rise of "the Millennials," also known as "Generation Y," has brought a new set of challenges to managers. Millennials work differently, think differently, and have a different set of priorities. This can leave non-Millennial managers, at best, confused about how to manage and motivate their teams. That's just the short-term challenge for businesses. The long-term challenge is to find a way to win and retain top talent from this generation of workers, who are more willing than any generation before them to leave a position if they find something more interesting or more lucrative. With 50 percent of business executives set to retire in the next five years, and thousands of others poised to do the same soon after, it's essential to build up a staff of dedicated, invested Millennials in the workforce of any company that's serious about its survival. Managing the Millennials delves into the differences between the generations at work today in businesses around the country, and digs deep to explore what makes the Millennial generation so different from the ones that came before. It identifies nine crucial points of tension that result from clashing value systems among these generations, and then provides nine approaches to resolve clashes, build communication, nurture collaborative teams, and create long-lasting relationships across generations of colleagues. With examples from managers and executives in every area of business, fascinating analysis of performance and behavioral patterns across generations, as well as tested techniques you can put into effect at your organization, Managing the Millennials gives you the knowledge and tactics you need to push your workforce to new levels of productivity.
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