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We’re in it for the earth.

Thryft grew out of an observation of the locked-up supplies of books in households and brick-and-mortar second-hand book stores. These books are either just sitting in storage, or worst, thrown out after some time. We seek to unlock the potential that these books hold as a sustainable supply to be made more readily accessible to the public.

With the lack of a centralised platform and consistent pricing mechanisms, it is generally inconvenient to sell or buy second-hand books. That is why we made use of ecommerce and smart algorithms to create an efficient system that provides convenience and fair valuation for both sellers and buyers.

Creating environmental and social impact is one of Thryft’s reasons for being. We strive to be a real sustainable alternative that creates value for our users and partners. Besides our focus on giving second-hand books new homes and minimising our ecological footprint, we also partner with social good organisations that we regularly donate to.

We hope that you will join us on our journey, and experience value and convenience bridged with sustainability for yourself.