Of all the wisdom through the ages, that contained in the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius' meditations must be amongst the most profound. So much so that his writings were to influence millions of readers for centuries afterwards. Today, these meditations have lost none of their power or relevance. In this new interpretation, the Emperor's timeless reflections on life, death and happiness are brought to life once again. In 230 meditations, we contemplate such themes as self-improvement and the difficulties of living a virtuous life; how to deal with the many emotions we experience, from anger to greed to courage; and the beauty of nature and the nature of the mind. We all seek a reason for living, an understanding of our role. Marcus Aurelius can assist us with this quest, and he does so with great beauty, insight and warmth.

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Mark Forstater is a producer of films and television documentaries. His most famous production is Monty Python and The Holy Grail. An American, he lives and works in London. He is married with three daughters. Marcus Aurelius was Emperor of Rome from 161 AD until his death in 180, during which time he witnessed the gradual crumbling of the Roman frontiers, as well as famines and plagues. During the many years of war he turned more and more to the study of the Stoic philosophy, which he had followed since he was a young boy, and wrote a series of reflections now known as the Meditations
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